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Can you spot the difference

compare our screens to the competition

Mendez Cell Phone Repair

True-to-OEM display, almost exactly how your brand new iPhone came shipped.



490+ Nits

Gorilla Glass

Full View Polarizer at 100%

Perfect Contrast 

"The Competition"

Aftermarket display, these cheap screens are 80% accurate as the original. Real bad.

Features (not really)


- 300+ Nits

- Full View Polarizer at 65%

- Contrast really off than the original, it's better

explained as having a "dull" screen were colors are off and not as bright as the original.

We do not offer these screens in any of our repairs. We have OCD and could not stand to send out a phone with these types of screens, but "the competition" can because they don't care.


Screen Display Off


With the screen off

True-to-OEM display, screen is completely black when turned off..

"The Competition" with the screen off

Our competitors use really cheap screens that have a greyish mirror finish that does not look great when the screen is turned off.

examples of difference in screens

If your answer was that the PREMIUM option looks better, then why are you going anywhere else to get cheaper parts installed on your Phone? Your phone is an investment, you shouldn't be giving it the cheapest parts. And on top of that, our competitors charge and arm and a leg for their "premium" options which aren't even premium to begin with. We have only the highest quality of parts available in the market and we don't over charge you like the other guys. We want you to leave happy! 

Home Screen


Home screen with iOS 12 wallpaper and more icons.

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